The Future of Resale.

The Future of Resale.

ResaleAI is the best software platform for your resale business. We are constantly innovating and improving our platform to become simpler and more enjoyable to use.

ResaleAI is the best software platform for your resale business. We are constantly innovating and improving our platform to become simpler and more enjoyable to use.

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RAI Flex
$ 600
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Built-in Scanner
Hand strap
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The best tool for your resale business.

We believe in letting computers do what computers do best so that people can do what people do best. Whether your buisness has been open for 20 years, or you’re just now starting up, ResaleAI is easy to implement, easy to learn and easy to love. All at an easy price.

An all-encompassing product

We integrate with the tools you already use to make your life simpler. Our product is easy to use for owners, employees, and customers alike. We offer real-time reporting, constant visibility and behavior driven software. As fellow resale business owners, we know how important it is to manage your inventory and hold your team accountable, and our software aims to help you do just that. Increase customer count, sales, and buys with ResaleAI all for one simple price.

Modern, Safe, and Flexible

Our platform is built and maintained by resale business owners and managers. Our team of experts is always working to improve our product for your stores. We’re committed to making our product the best it can be. The data we process is always encrypted at transit and encrypted at rest.



Stay on track with your daily goals, tasks lists, notes + kudos, and clock in and out with our When I Work Integration. All on one page.

Sign to Sell

Customers can check themselves in from their cell phones, verify Driver’s License info, track who checked in, who sorted a buy, and who cashed it out. Text customers when their buy is ready.


Stay on top of your monthly, weekly, and inventory goals. Monthly RAI report, Weekly Summary Report and Aging Backstock Bins Report.


Revolutionize your inventory management process. Keep all of your info in one place, no spreadsheet needed.


Automatically reward customers with “Spend $x now, Save $x later”. No manual entry required. No pre-printed coupons. No employee error.


Keep your employees accountable with RAI Audits- Customer Experience Audit, Inventory Management Audit, Visual Merchandising Audit, Processes and Efficiencies Audit, Human Resources Audit, Marketing Audit and Loss Prevention Audit



Open to Buy



$149 /mo


$14155 /mo


Jackson Miller


Entrepreneur. Father of 6. Building ResaleAI.

Whitney Thompson

Chief of Staff

With her professional and educational background in business administration, Whitney was hired as Jackson's Executive Assistant in late 2015 before there was a "RAI Team". As we've grown over the years, she is now Chief of Staff and still supports Jackson as well as both our RAI and Plato's Closet teams on a day-to-day basis. We like to describe her as the glue that keeps everything together

Glen Miller


Co-founder of RAI after a long career in information technology and higher education. Has owned Plato’s Closets since 2004. Needs a nap.

Madeline Beard-Ojala

Quality Assurance and Training

Madeline has 5 years of experience working in and managing Plato's Closet. She has worked at 2 different Plato's Closet locations. She currently does Quality Assurance for ResaleAI and tests out bug fixes, feature releases, and new versions before they reach your stores. She also does Customer Support and answers your support chats, support tickets, and manages our help center.

BJ Bryant


BJ has 4 years of professional programming experience. Before career-hopping to software engineering, he cultivated a skillset for development by seizing any opportunity available for integration and automation scripting during his 5 years working in IT. He is the primary developer and works hard to turn Jackson’s vision, Sarah’s plan, your feedback, and gallons of coffee into the features you use every day.

Sarah Van Dyke

Product Manager

Sarah has been involved with her family's Plato's Closet stores in San Antonio since 2009. As the Product Manager for ResaleAI, she helps design and plan new features to continue making our product better. She also does Customer Support and answers your support chats and support tickets.

Zavier Miller

Junior Developer

Zavier started at ResaleAI in 2019 as an intern and has since become a junior developer. He loves working at ResaleAI and looks forward to continuing software engineering as he moves from high school into college.

Haley Snell

Retails Operations

Haley brings the real world to RAI development doing double duty as a key member of the RAI team and district manager of our three Plato’s Closets. Mother to darling Willow.

Charley Miller


Charley is the brains behind the entire operation. He basically came up with all the great features you see everyday on ResaleAI. Sign to Sell? Charley. Scanners? Charley. Basically, it's Charley's game, whatever he says goes. Here is a quote from the wonderful genius: "Woof bark woof" -Charley Miller